School Sight Testing Program (SSTP) is aimed to identify short sighted and visually impaired school children and provide them treatment, spectacles, medicines, advice and referral services as needed.

An awareness campaigns were conducted using posters, flyers and placards. The awareness materials highlighting basic eye care were distributed among the students. A verbal, interactive presentation on basic eye care was made in every class room by ECP-MSS team. Poster and flyers are distributed to the students asked to share with family and friends.

Under the SSTP, 877 patients were screened, fifty three (53) spectacles were distributed and eye drops were given to 25 students.


Eye Care Project of MSS in conjunction with the JAAGO Foundation conducted SSTP on October 11-12, 2017 at Rayer Bazar and on November 5, 2017 at Korail School of JAAGO Foundation. ECP-MSS provided technical and material assistance for conducting the SSTP and JAAGO aided to organize their students according to class schedule.