Donation Amount Sponsor's Details: (In case of organization please give name/address of the organization)
Sponsor cataract surgery to restore vision of a blind person(s).
For 1 person - BDT 3000
For 5 person X BDT 3000 = BDT 15000
For 10 person x BDT 3000 = BDT 30000
For 25 person x BDT 3000 = BDT 75000
For person x BDT 3000 BDT
BDT 6500 X = BDT : Provide for eyeglasses to people to correct their refractive error.
BDT 55000 X = BDT : Conduct an Eye Camp in remote area and provide eye screening to more than 600 underpreviledged patients and identify curable blindness, give 200 spectacles.
BDT 18000 X = BDT : Conduct a School Sight Testing Program and provide sight screening, necessary medicines and glasses, identify curable blindness among at least 300 underserved school chidren.
BDT One-time donation
You can donate for one item of the listed donation at a time. For multiple item donations you have to repeat the process.
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