Why will you get involved or donate?

Eyes play a vital role in our day to day lives. People who have lost their sight or visually impaired have no idea of colors and objects which is a curse to their lives. Low vision and blindness have terrible effects on individuals, families and communities, such as decrease in quality of life, income loss, unemployment, high levels of poverty and social isolation as well.
Cataract blindness can be treated by a simple surgical procedure by removing the clouded natural lens and replacing it by a new artificial lens. Only our early intervention and detection especially with a 20-minute cataract surgery can restore eye sight of a blind person!
As an individual, or an organization, you can help us to bring light and future into the lives of blind people especially poor and needy people in Bangladesh through our Sponsorship Program.
Just your simple step and act of compassion by donating Tk.3000 or US$35 or any amount can bring a miracle and give the gift of eyesight to an underserved person see again!

How you can help?

  • Become a volunteer: Join the ECP-MSS team to volunteer your time to help eradicate curable blindness in Bangladesh. 

  • Become a Donor: Donate for eye camps, eye surgeries, eye glasses & medicines of the undeserved.